"Only he who loves, flies", Miguel Hernandez

Finally, after more than a year of the pandemic, we managed to meet for the last time, organizing C-6  LTT ACTIVITIES IN SPAIN, SAN BARTOLOME.

The main Spanish coordinator, the head teacher, and the whole school community welcomed us very warmly and we could spend lovely moments together doing all the planned project activities.

* Presentations of ''National education system and National volunteering associations of my country ,''Our regular voluntary service in a social service field'' "The history and values of my nation" by host school

* Posters on "The World Can Change With Us! Let's Make a Difference!" by all participating schools' pupils

* The Best Volunteer of My Hometown - a video by all participating schools

* Spanish language course to all participants by the pupils with low basic skills, Spanish-English dictionary

* International Concert for the public - presenting a Project Song (all participants together) and national songs in original languages

* Brochures ''Europe needs my active citizenship'' prepared by the hosting school

*  Putting together Activity Boxes(decorating shoe boxes and filling them with a deck of cards, small games, and puzzle books for kids at the local hospital)

*  A seminar to public ''How I can be an Active EU citizen''

* Presenting a folk dance and a legend at the multicultural party (all participating schools),

*  All the participating students, together with the students from Portugal made 4 digital legends too, in international teams, online, before the mobility. Each country wrote a short summary of a national legend and then all the partners created illustrations to that legend.

* Helping Hands Prizes awarded to the All Volunteers of the project - they all had a good on-going voluntary service - the activities were introduced in the social Media, which will encourage people to help

* Project Final Memory Booklet

* Sports tournament for healthy life in the swimming pool

*  Questionnaire of What we learnt

The AIM of this mobility meeting was to strengthen cooperation, citizenship and values among European primary schools, to develop sense of respect and interest in culture, customs and traditions of different nations, to discover similar cultural features: folk dances and legends, to develop critical thinking in terms of cultural heritage, to learn about the situation and policies of disadvantaged people in the society in a different culture and integrate them into society, to encourage people all over the world to volunteer, to provide a language course to participants given by low-skilled pupils to make them more social and increase their school achievements, to use cultural tools such as music, dance, literature to introduce our culture to other cultures, to create awareness of the cultural diversity of Europe, to break the barriers, prejudices, stereotypes about different cultures and lifestyles, to engage in altruistic activities to help the people in need, to provide peer learning, good cooperation and solidarity, enable and empower students to take an active role in becoming a leader in sustainability by bringing solutions and ideas to global problems - "Helping Hands Prizes", to learn about the situation with integration and social inclusion in a school with a lot of immigrant and refugee pupils.

Benefits: Creating cultural awareness and the sense of being European Citizens who are respectful to human rights and democracy, who know their laws but also duties. Development of critical thinking in terms of cultural heritage. Learning about Spanish and different immigrants' culture, values and history. Eagerness and motivation to share the experience and to learn from others. Creating more innovative activities, knowledge and experience exchange of their pedagogical, educational, teaching and learning methods in European dimension Contributing to social inclusion and promoting intercultural and civic competences of learners, teachers and locals. Sharing experiences and approaches of volunteering activities. A great intercultural cooperation and long term friendship. Cross-border cooperation. Sense of inclusion and solidarity. Discovering one's potential, strong points in terms of helping others and influencing the society, feeling an important part of the society. Developing respect for other nations, cultures, religions. Becoming active figures of a better understanding between the people of Europe, directly involved in decision making, in the selection of responsibilities - thus young people will feel part of the democratic world of Europe. Increasing the level of motivation to learn foreign languages and participate actively in the school life. Using an educational institution to provide social dialogue, a place for free expression, discussion and exchange of views on life in the modern world, Sensitizing young people at the school education stage to the essence of unity and integration in the aspect of searching for their place in Europe. Integrating intercultural and peacebuilding dimension to the curriculum and regular activities of the schools. All the involved schools are going to integrate the idea about Activity Boxes in the school regular activities.
The analysis of the questionnaires:

All the teachers noticed a strong influence of the project on the following elements:

 Personal development of participants. Increase in Key competences, social skills, learning to learn, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, digital competence. Absorbing the idea of helping others, Learning about help without benefits. Improvement in Language and ICT skills.

 Rise in awareness of cultural diversity and knowledge about cultural and historical heritage. Development of tolerance to different cultures. Improvements on the sense of solidarity, cooperation, team spirit, communication skills.

 Breaking barriers, prejudices. Opening doors to different cultures and ideas, beliefs. Discovering the value of friendship. Gaining volunteering work spirit and taking initiative. Enhancing the achievements of low-skilled pupils.

 Developing positive views on the EU and Erasmus+ project programmes. Involvement in an international work. Understanding EU policies on different fields. Raising awareness on global issues.

  All the teachers valued the student’s tasks as “Very good”. They were the following; Making a poster “The world can change with us”, Preparing games for the poster, Decorating the activity boxes, Preparing the song, Preparing the local legend and Playing in the sport tournament.

For all the participating students the subject of the project is “Very interesting”.

 All the participating students were involved in the project activities and had fun doing the tasks. They liked best: preparing games for the boxes, decorating the activity boxes and playing the sport tournament.

 Most of them said they liked decorating the activity boxes the best.

The project helped all the students to extend their knowledge about the partner countries.

 The project helped all the students to develop their language skills.

 The participation in the project helped the majority of the students to develop their ICT skills.

 All the students stated that the atmosphere during the mobility was funny, nice and friendly.

 All the students noticed benefits of helping others.