The evaluation will consist in a summary of all effects and activities undertaken during the project from its preparation to its completion. It will be included in the final comprehensive evaluation report. During the project's duration each partner will write a report after hosting the LTT Activities. 

We will evaluate:

  • Development of basic skills and key competences and XXI century skills of the participants during the project
  • Civic engagement and participation (volunteering, taking care of the planet and one's wellbeing)
  • Students achievements and interest in ICT and English language
  • Social inclusion - support for students with lower opportunities. 

The evaluation will be carried out using the following tools: surveys, checklists, face-to-face interviews, observations, school reports’ analyses.

The evaluation will aim at analysing in detail the project, its strengths, and weaknesses. It will allow for the continuous improvement of the mobility programme and learning about the opinion of all parties involved in the project. The results of the evaluation will be used while organizing the next projects and will serve as a basis for the school and the partners to improve their activities and spread good practices.


Final report: link