Where we volunteer

All the participating students are volunteering at their schools and in their regions. At school, they are helping their peers with the homework and schoolwork.

In their regions, they are helping in the places which need volunteers most.


So far, we have also volunteered together during our LTT activities in:



1. Orphanage in Sarnów - http://www.domdzieckasarnow.pl 

2. Shelter for Street Animals in Sosnowiec - http://www.schronisko.sosnowiec.pl 



1. Immigration Help Centre - https://centroastalli.it 



1. Senior House - https://www.attendo.fi/hoivakoditikaihmisille 


The Algarve Food Bank and their Biological Farm in Faro https://misericordiadefaro.wordpress.com

Animal shelter in Moncarapacho https://animalrescuealgarve.com